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Fawn Loves: Eleni Nott

Geometric shapes both in print and silhouette, underpin the range Ode To The Ideal; work from Whitehouse Institute student designer Eleni Nott. Designing the print herself, Nott started with an image of skin and veins then manipulated it with grids, bringing out the soft colours and unique pattern. The range was created last year, in which Nott developed an architectural-like style through pattern work. This weekend, the budding designer will feature in Student Runway Two at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

Nott is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Fashion Design, and says her most recent range Perception, showcasing for the first time on the MSFW catwalk, is more organic and fluid than her previous collection.“There has been a bit of an evolution with my work style. This time last year I was definitely a lot more construction focused, whereas this time around I’m a little more organic.”

Nott explains Perception is about how the wearer and the viewer interact with the garment. Taking traditional design elements and re-designing them, she creates a hybrid between fashion and art.“I think most of my pieces are more challenging, you have to think about how you’re wearing it, it’s not like you just whack it on.”

Choosing to use a monochromatic colour palette, made up of whites, creams and beiges, Nott challenges traditional depictions of fashion, pushing the aesthetic appeal. “I wanted to stick with skin-colours because I thought that it’s…it’s a reflection of the person wearing it to some extent, how they’re wearing the garment.”

Feeling excited and relishing the opportunity to be a part of MSFW, Nott says the Student Runway gives young designers a chance to reach audiences quickly before graduating.

When school’s out, Nott plans on flying over to Europe to secure an internship with high-end designers like Martin Margiela, Céline or Christopher Kane.“I just want to learn from the best and go from there.”

Purchase tickets to the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Student Runway Two here with Ticketek or call them on 132 849. The show opens Sunday September 1st at 8pm at the Melbourne Town Hall.Words by Natalie Claire King

Image Credits. Photography – Jessie May, May Photography. Makeup – Victoria Lennard. Hair – Natalie Claire King. Colourful necklace – Superficial Sadie, from The Estelle Store. Black ring – Allan, from The Estelle Store.

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