Fawn Features Micky In The Van

Fawn Features: Micky In The Van

The Micky In The Van Autumn/Winter 2013 collection fuses flirty femininity with a nonchalantly laid-back attitude. Subtle design features and intricate nuances add a unique flair to each piece. Finding inspiration from within, drawing on her passions and knowledge about marketable fashion, designer Estelle Michaelides expertly creates wearable art.“I try and incorporate my loves and passions, as well as it being marketable. I don’t want to limit my artistic integrity but I also need to bear in mind that it needs to be marketable,” Michaelides says.

Having previously studied fashion at RMIT and now running her own fashion boutique, the Estelle Shop, for the past five years, Michaelides understands the industry and work behind being a fashion designer.“People think that fashion design is…that we sit there with crayons and colour in but it’s not easy, it takes a lot of knowledge and awareness and understanding. The female form is such a beautiful thing and you want to embrace that and make a woman feel like she loves being in her body.”

Micky In The Van encapsulates the hopes and dreams of Michaelides and invites wearers to play with designs, mix and match patterns, and use garments as a tool to develop their own creative style and character. The range combines puffy sleeves, gathered seams and chic pocketing, evoking a style similar to Gwen Stefani and Carrie Bradshaw.“Sleeves are actually quite puffy giving a European flare — a Spanish matador feel,” Michaelides says.

Practical yet stylish, the collection is a throw back to the past as Michaelides brings back the bolero.“There’s just something really gracious about a bolero. I find it really flattering on a female figure because it is cropped and you can still extenuate the waist with a beautiful thick belt or a fitted pencil skirt.”

Creating gorgeous and playful fashion, Micky In The Van is not only designed in Melbourne but also MADE in Melbourne.“I’m deeply passionate about making my home city self-sustainable.”

We couldn’t agree more! Check out the full collection at theestellestore.com.au/Micky_In_The_Van.php or pop into the Estelle Shop at 382 Smith St, Collingwood.We teamed up with Estelle and the Micky In The Van crew to showcase our favourite pieces from the collection. Stay tuned for the editorial feature this Friday!Words by Natalie Claire King.Image Credits. 1-8: Behind the scenes shots from the Fawn Micky In The Van collaboration shoot. Photographer – Jessie May, Model – Phoebe Tait, Hair & MUA – Stephanie Hague, Stylist – Natalie Claire King, Behind The Scenes Photography – Natalie Claire King.


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