Fawn Bits Gillian Franklin at MSFW Industry

Fawn Bits: Gillian Franklin at MSFW: Industry

Becoming the first female under 30 to achieve the role of General Manager with Revlon and now in the position of Managing Director at The Heat Group, Gillian Franklin is one of Australia’s most innovative marketers. She shared her insights at the MSFW: Industry session on Tuesday 3rd September as a part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

At just 24 years old Franklin was appointed General Manager of Revlon and says it was a great step up to start what she terms her “real career�?.“It was incredibly exciting, it was the 80′s, Revlon was the number one cosmetic company in the world and I had to go to New York and present our budget for Australia to the board.�?

Being the first female General Manager in the world under 30, Franklin stood out. But instead of shying away from the attention, she grabbed the opportunity and took advantage where she could. “I really made a point of being noticed because I was female,�? says Franklin, and she encourages other businesswomen to do the same. “Take advantage of opportunities where you can be noticed and impress people.�?

Starting The Heat Group from a coffee shop with just two other women, Franklin’s success comes from hard work and knowing the importance of planning ahead. “I look at my life in 10 year chunks…and Revlon was the start of that. I was offered two roles at Revlon and I could have gone with one that was three layers from the top or one two layers from the top, but I wasn’t looking at that job, I was looking at the next job.�?

Now directing The Heat Group, Franklin strives for excellence. She says a lot of businesses today underplay the importance of culture within the workplace. The Heat Group has four core values – creative, dynamic, passionate and smart – setting in place the company’s culture. “Culture really is about values and to me the difference between having a good business and a great business is only about the quality of your people. Your people need to live and breathe and embrace your culture and your values and we recognise that brands are brands, but it’s the people that make a difference.�?

As well as strong values the company’s motto, “Don’t say no, say how�?, keeps employers motivated and ready for any challenge. “There is no challenge that we cannot deal with… It’s always about: how do we get things done? How do we solve problems? How do we take advantage of opportunities? It’s a really important statement.�?

With Franklin’s passion and determination, it’s no surprise she’s successfully reached her career goals. Now, off to draft our 10-year plan…Share

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