DIY Decoupage Clutch Makeover

DIY: Decoupage Clutch Makeover

Découpage Clutch Makeover! Do you découpage? It might not be a term or technique you’re currently familiar with but I promise if you give it a go – you’ll be hooked! Basically, it’s the art of decorating objects by gluing paper or material onto them. Traditionally this has been a popular technique for creating daggy keepsake boxes and furniture, but don’t be discouraged – you can totally harness the power of découpage for good and not for evil. Namely – decorating clutches and bags to either repair damage or breath new life into a boring design!What you’ll need:

The first thing you’ll need to do is select a clutch and some pretty material. Other tools you’ll need for this DIY include a pair of scissors, a flat head paintbrush, a butter knife and some Mod Podge.Try it yourself:

Decide what area of the clutch you want to decorate with your patterned material by working with the existing seams in the bag or clutch. In my case, there was a nice big space in the centre of the clutch with surrounding seams that was perfect.

Cut the material to the approximate size of the area you want to cover (allowing for a bit of ‘hang over’ length). Cut a circle to mirror the position of the clasp, this will allow the material to lay flat over the clutch. You should now have a piece of material roughly the size of the seam allowances lying flat on your clutch.

Hold your material steady and use your butter knife to push the material into the groves of the seams. You can push fairly hard, the butter knife is blunt so it shouldn’t damage the material, What you’re hoping to achieve by indenting the lines of the seams into your material is a template of your allocated space so you can cut the material for a cosy fit. Using the indent lines as a guide, cut your material to the required size.

Cover the clutch in a moderate layer of Mod Podge followed by the material. The Mod Podge only takes about 20-30 minutes to dry but you’ll want to keep an eye on it as the corners can be tricky and might need some extra Mod Podge to glue securely in place.

Wait for the Mod Podge to fully dry and then voilà! Your découpage clutch is ready for its big debut!

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