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Art | Feature
Erin Lightfoot bangles

Doodling the pages of her university lecture notes, Erin Lightfoot passed her uni days developing playful geometric prints that now adorn beautiful porcelain bangles, earrings and vases. Reminiscent of a Bauhaus style, using gelato pastels, Lightfoot launched her self-titled label in 2011.

With a love for Art Deco and constructionist art, Lightfoot says there’s a lot that can be made with geometrics.

“I tend to like design that is clean and blocky in style and plays with the arrangement of colour.”  

The skilled designer takes pleasure in finding inspiration from rare and unusual places.

“I might get a pattern idea from an Afghan tile and mix it with the feel of a vintage Cadillac.”

She says her first collection Relays was loosely inspired by sneakers from the 1970s and uniforms from the Winter Olympics.

Lightfoot says designing each print takes time and a lot of playing, tinkering and deleting.

“I look all around the place to get ideas for my prints and then work on them until they feel right – although some of the best are those that I send to print feeling unsure about.”

Making the porcelain for each design can be quite labour intensive as Lightfoot creates separate moulds for each form. Sanded and polished to ensure a smooth feel, each piece is fired in the kiln three times to maximize its strength. Glazed and decorated, the little porcelain delights are then ready to be snatched up and admired.

Lightfoot says one perk to being her own boss is the freedom, both with time and creativity. However, being her own boss does come with its drawbacks. She says she can go through times of self-doubt and quotes Dr. Seuss in expressing her uncertainty.

“Should I turn left or right, or right-and-three-quarters, or maybe not quite…”

Not letting her fears stand in the way Lightfoot is currently working on her second collection.

“I have some really cool hoop earrings on the way. I haven’t named the collection yet but it includes the influences of tartan, check and tile-like patterns. I’ll be releasing it in early 2013.”

With a new collection on the horizon Lightfoot aims high and hopes to one-day design wallpaper and bedding. Who wouldn’t love a room full of fabulous geometric compositions!


Words by Natalie Claire King
Images credits: Ruwan De Silva

Erin LightfootErin Lightfoot vasesErin Lightfoot bangleErin Lightfoot boxErin Lightfoot earrings

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