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Design | Feature

“There is a lot that can inspire you when designing a shoe – most of all, it comes from things other than shoes,” says Emily Cooper founder and designer at Meandher.

The label is pronounced meander reflecting the relaxed attitude and lifestyle of the brand and those who wear it. However, Cooper explains it can also be pronounced me-and-her lending itself to being a unisex label, and she assures us, a women’s line is on its way.
Classic styling is at the heart of the label with a focus on lines and proportions.

Meandher designer Emily Cooper

“I love the classics, there is something romantic about them, the history behind them and a reason why we keep revisiting them. It is in keeping with my ethos for design of ‘KIS’ – Keep it simple,” explains Cooper.

Developed in Italy using traditional footwear constructions the label’s high quality leathers are sourced in Sante Croce, Tuscany.

“Last year I attended the Ars Sutoria footwear school where I studied the technical aspects of footwear making. Living in Italy and being surrounded by the ‘masters’ of the trade I learned a new appreciation for the craft and quality.”

Meandher Samson Moss $220Meandher Samson Mull $220

Colours are chosen to compliment each shoe style, while design names are chosen from men in Cooper’s family, and when family names run out, Cooper chooses names of people who have helped her along the way.

“Meandher is not dictated by trends, although we are aware of them we prefer to bring something a little different to the market.”

Cooper describes her Sydney-based studio as, “small and unassuming”. With white walls and cream carpet, the space is filled with overflowing boxes of leather, walls lined with shoes and an ornate mirror passed down from her grandmother. On the other side of the world in LA, Cooper has a 40s deco-style studio with bold, yellow floral wallpaper, wooden floorboards and a billiard table converted into a cutting table.

Meandher Harrison Navy $250

After working as a freelance design, development and production manager for Australian labels Leona Edmiston, Natasha, Saba and Bloch Cooper launched her own label Meandher in 2010. Since then the labels designs have become available in Australia, Japan, USA and Scandinavia.

Cooper understands the importance of wearing stylish shoes, and we can assure you, any male donning a pair of Meandher’s will be the finest fella around.

Check out these suave kicks at www.meandher.com.au

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Words by Natalie Claire King.

Image Credits. 1: Meandher campaign, 2: Meandher designer Emily Cooper, 3: Meandher Samson Moss $220, 4: Meandher Samson Mull $220, 5: Meandher Harrison Navy $250, 6: Meandher Samson Wheat $220.

Meandher Samson Wheat $220

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