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Art | Feature

Kelly Thompson is a dynamite illustrator. Her must-have portraits capture raw emotion, playful femininity and seductive beauty. We popped into her jungle-adorned apartment for a chat about what she’s working on right now and whether she prefers sketching girls who are clothed, or those who are vulnerably bare.

We weren’t too surprised when she said she favored them in the nuddie. Because really, who doesn’t like an unclothed chick?

“If it is a nude model, I really like that it’s just them and it’s about their stare and body language and what they can portray through their eyes more than anything.”

“I feel like I have a relationship with them, like it’s personal. For a model to let me photograph them like that they have to let down a lot of barriers and I quite like the connection we have with each other.”

Most recently, the New Zealand born artist completed a job for Covergirl. Thompson illustrated Ricki-Lee, the new face of Covergirl Australia, the latest Covergirl trends as well as the Get The Look fashion cards.

She has also been working on a top-secret project for an international fashion brand. But like we said, it’s top-secret, so we really can’t say anymore. Nada. Niente. Niets.

Oh, alright! We’ll tell you. Around Christmas time last year, Thompson was approached to pitch against five other illustrators from around the world, for an international fashion brand. After two months of pitching it came down to herself and one other illustrator.

“The pitch was bigger than any job I’ve ever done, it killed!”

And then she found out – SHE’D WON!

“I checked my email first thing in the morning and I was running around like a crazy person, in my undies.”

Keep your dainty eyelids peeled; Thompson informed us her winning illustrations will be launched in 2014. So stay tuned.

March 2013 is where it’s at for Thompson. The illustrator has a book coming out in collaboration with Derek Henderson titled Darkness of Noon, which will be launched in conjunction with the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Thompson will also be launching her very own accessories label, aptly titled Thompson. Chew on that David Downton.

“I’m creating a range of clutch purses, which I’m really excited about. I’m going to be designing the lining and all of the details, which will kind of tie in with my illustrations.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Thompson’s ultimate aspiration is to illustrate for a MAC cosmetics campaign or team up with luxury designers Miu Miu or Prada and create a bangin’ fabric print or in-store mural.

“Just a brand or a company that gives me some freedom and will give me some time and a reasonable budget to do something amazing. That is my dream.”

We have a feeling it will happen. With Thompson’s talent and tenacity this hot little New Zealander is going places.

Oh, and Thompson, we know the reason behind your hat wearing ways. The day before we visited Thompson tweeted, “Not the best time to regret not dying hair for following days photoshoot #wheresmyhat.”

For more information, visit: www.kelly-thompson.myshopify.com

Words by Natalie Claire King.

Image Credits – 1 – 7: Kelly Thompson and studio shot by Jessie May. 8-9: Kelly Thompson illustrations.

Illustrator Kelly ThompsonIllustrator Kelly Thompson in her studioKelly Thompson's studioIllustrator Kelly Thompson in her studioKelly Thompson's studioKelly Thompson's studioKelly Thompson IllustrationKelly Thompson IllustrationKelly Thompson IllustrationKelly Thompson Illustration

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