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Fawn Talks - Fay Nwokobia - my-wardrobe.com New Season Campaign

In the build up towards Melbourne Spring Fashion Week we chatted with Fay Nwokobia, Head of my-wardrobe.com Asia Pacific, who will be speaking with fellow fashion experts at the industry event ‘The Plenary – Fashion Today: The Good, The Bad…’ on 3rd September at Melbourne Town Hall.

At nine in the morning with a long line of meetings ahead of her, Fay gave us an insight into the world of my-wardrobe.com and leading the Australian team.

Fawn Talks - Fay Nwokobia - Portrait

Q: I understand my-wardrobe.com was launched in 2006, when did you join the company?

A: I started consulting in 2011 but actually joined full-time in November 2012.

Q: Tell us about your role with my-wardrobe.com. If there is an average day, what does it entail?

A: My role as Head of Asia Pacific, basically I am responsible for all aspects of the business over in the Asia Pacific region. So, my primary focus is Australia and I am Sydney based. I take care of the business here so I guess the main things that I’m looking at are customer acquisition and retention, looking a lot at the PR and marketing side of things and looking, quite specifically, at social media. We do a lot of localising of our site, even though we are a global retailer, we do tend to try and do things that fit the market here.

So a typical day, you’re right there isn’t a typical day…for example, today I’ll go and meet with the PR team, they’re located in Alexandria… I’ll travel from my home office in Bondi to there. Every day I have different meetings with all sorts of partners; so one part of my role is strategic partnership. We work with other brands that are also luxury and in the same space and target and the same demographic. Often I have events, last week I spoke at Ragtrader Live, then in a couple of weeks’ time I’m going over to Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, then I go straight from there to New Zealand Fashion Week. There isn’t a typical day really and that’s what I love about it. It is an exciting job.

Q: You’re responsible for sustaining the growth of my-wardrobe.com and increasing market share, how do you do this?

A: I think really, being on top of what’s going on with your customers, because initially the growth started very much organically… on the back of that organic growth we developed a more targeted strategy around social media and partnerships. I’m trying to ensure that we look at our local market, what people here want.

Q: What does my-wardrobe.com offer that is different to other online shopping outlets?

A: I think what we offer, in terms of point of difference, is we’re more luxury, and yes there are a few more luxury sites but if you compare us to some of our key competitors, I think what we provide is a much more edited down version of what people can look for. So it’s very much a curated edit and the focus is now very much on investment pieces – it’s about long term buying.

Q: What are some of your favourite trends at the moment?

A: I’m absolutely loving monochrome, very black and white and some of the mannish tailoring because I think it’s very classic. Designers on the site that I’m excited about: Elena Ghisellini, she just dropped spring and was the accessories designer for Givenchy, and Neil Barrett is a UK designer, his stuff is just beautifully crafted, gorgeous coats and knitwear that you know in 10 years’ time you’d still be pulling out of your wardrobe.

Words by Natalie Claire King

Fawn Talks - Fay Nwokobia - Neil Barrett coat
Fawn Talks - Fay Nwokobia - Elena Ghisellini bag

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