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Fawn Features: Grizzle

Fawn Features: Grizzle

Grizzle. Bespoke illustrator, mural artist, designer and all-round creative guy.

Gerard Brown was a natural born punk and artist. It was really only a matter of time until he found himself in the creative destination that he actively plays in every day. Recalling his informal introduction of art; a young Griz was kicked out of his class and put in an adult art class to stop him from distracting the rest of his classmates. A young creative mind mixed with a combination of life drawing and the Jetsons, his penchant for covering single pieces of paper with hours of random scribbles, was just a small sample of the unique aesthetic that he has become known for.

The story of Grizzle, perhaps, was put on hold for a large part of his life; but when he found his way back to the spray can there was no stopping this NSW based artist. Working in Sydney on a large rebranding job, Griz hit a creative wall, or breakthrough, depending on how full your glass is. Realising that he hadn’t done any of his own art, his passion for years, once the job was complete he decided to pack up his bags and leave the big smoke to follow his passion for paints, photography and illustration and to continue pushing creative boundaries at a full time capacity.

Fawn Features: Grizzle
Fawn Features: Grizzle

Flash forward to 2012, he re-emerged fully committed to making his art come to life. His clients now come to him with blank pages, wanting him to fill the brief and break the mould. Grizzle’s work has literally has jumped off the pages into the real world, his artistic flair is so infectious it can no longer be contained to his jam-packed sketch books with murals taking over the streets and stores of Newcastle inevitably leading to the development of his own take on apparel. What was a habit of calling out to friends whenever he was forced to find a new addition to his wardrobe, eventually the tables turned on the artist when they were the ones asking him when he was going to start doing his own line of apparel. Like the rest of his career, the natural evolution of Grizzle and his work seemed to evolve naturally and with great success.

The highlight of his journey so far, is being able to create with free range and not have to rely on computers for the creative process. Sure, the technology lends a helping hand here and there, but for the most part Griz spends his hours making a mess with paints both inside and out. Whether he is sketching for a client, screen printing on some fresh cloth or creating a masterpiece on an unsuspecting wall, he’s having a good time every step of the way.

Fawn Features: Grizzle
Fawn Features: Grizzle

So what’s next for this creative mind, whose creations know no boundaries? Well, the world is Grizzle’s oyster. With hopes and dreams of one day opening his own gallery, he is more than happy as long as he being a busy guy making art, painting large murals and blowing minds every day.

Grizzle sells original works and apparel through Mr Grizzle on bigcartel and NOOK Store in Newcastle. You can also follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Words by Keira Rae Hocking.

Fawn Features: Grizzle
Fawn Features: Grizzle
Fawn Features: Grizzle
Fawn Features: Grizzle

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