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Prepare to fall for fathomless outer space; to feel the weightlessness of sheer elation as it weaves you through winking pin holes and dimpled moons. Is there any life out there? Evil Twin’s latest line, I Want to Believe, beckons you to explore the possibility with an open mind. Amid their classic mix of slashed jeans, studded detail, acid-washed threads, and metallic and python print, the cosmos finds its place. Confidently. Unobtrusively. Beautifully. Concepts of science-fiction rebel in design against their geeky status. Every piece imparts you with a cool and feisty edge. A pair of Equinox Leggings gleam in the sunlight like tubular arrangements of cosmic dust. Dark almond eyes set in white triangular faces scrutinise you from the canvas of a slouch-knit Invasion Tunic Jumper. And a waterproof universe swallows you to mid-thigh in the cut of a wondrous Beam Me Up Anorak. Pull up the hood and pretend gravity doesn’t exist. Stretch on a tee and wormhole your way to a new world.

Evil Twin apparel makes the precipice a rather delightful place to be. Not for the timid, but perfect for the independent, adventurous free thinker.

See the full collection at www.eviltwinthelabel.com or view their campaign video here.

Words by Choe Brereton.

Evil Twin: I Want to BelieveEvil Twin: I Want to BelieveEvil Twin: I Want to BelieveEvil Twin: I Want to BelieveEvil Twin: I Want to BelieveEvil Twin: I Want to BelieveEvil Twin: I Want to Believe

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