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Fawn Magazine - Beck Wadworth: An Organised Life

Beck Wadworth is a pro when it comes to being organised – so much so that she writes a blog about it, aptly titled An Organised Life. Recently, at the Garlands Florist showroom in Surry Hills, the self-confessed “organisation freak” launched the limited edition Twenty Fourteen An Organised Life diary. The diary is designed in black and white with a simple and minimal aesthetic. For a visual insight into her world as a blogger you can follow Beck via Instagram on @beckwadworth.

With a background in design and visual communications, Beck works by day in Marketing and PR for Glassons Head Office, Australia. We asked the savvy blogger to explain the knack to having an organised life and why she started a blog around this concept.

Fawn Magazine - Beck Wadworth: An Organised Life
Fawn Magazine - Beck Wadworth: An Organised Life

Q: Tell us about An Organised Life.

A: I have always been a self-confessed organisation freak! Everyone always laughs at my uncountable list pads and diaries, but I have never found one that contains everything I need! It has always been a dream of mine (a nerdy dream at that) to design my own organisers and stationery and you only live once. It has been a great hobby to keep up my graphic design skills outside of my day job and I have learnt so much along the way.

Q: So what is the key to having an organised life?

A: Well besides from the An Organised Life diary…! It’s simply preparation and staying on top of everything. Lists are your best friend!

Q: Why did you decide to start a blog based around this idea?

A: It just seemed right at the time. I moved to Sydney in January [from New Zealand] and I was exploring all these new places, I have a massive interest in fashion, as well as a huge passion for typography, design and everything organised. I decided to gel all my hobbies into one and called it An Organised Life!

Fawn Magazine - Beck Wadworth: An Organised Life
Fawn Magazine - Beck Wadworth: An Organised Life
Fawn Magazine - Beck Wadworth: An Organised Life

Q: You recently celebrated the launch for your limited edition Twenty Fourteen An Organised Life diaries; how was this experience?

A: The launch was very overwhelming and really amazing! My friends Zee and Jason from Jason James Design surprised me with the idea and took over the launch one hundred per cent since I was so busy with the diaries! They took inspiration from the diary design, the wrapping, and everything else in-between and created an amazing event. It was so nice to see friends and family there to support my wee hobby!

Q: Does the diary include any special features?

A: Yes it definitely does! My whole goal was to create a diary that encompassed as much as possible into it. I find it frustrating having too many notebooks / list pads etc. and wanted everything in one. For example every week there is a supermarket list page and also a budget and expenses page. Every month has a title page with a great black and white pattern as well as an overview calendar of the month to come. There are also multiple list features at the start and back of the diary.

Q: What was your inspiration for the design?

A: Inspiration-wise, I come from a graphic design background and have always had a love for typography, books and magazines. My signature style is minimalist with black & white and statement typography. I wanted to create something classic but modern for that fashion forward girl that needs a wee bit of organisation in her fast-paced but exciting life.

Fawn Magazine - Beck Wadworth: An Organised Life
Fawn Magazine - Beck Wadworth: An Organised Life

Q: How has your background in design helped you in creating and producing your blog?

A: I guess my passion for design has helped the most. I love to create amazing imagery including photographs, typography and design. My minimalist style is definitely very noticeable in my blog as well as my diary but I would never change that! It’s me to a T! I’m also really lucky with my day job which involves Marketing/PR and creating editorial content for the Glassons.com blog The Guide (previously StyleKeeper).

Q: What was one of the most important things you learnt while studying design and visual communications?

A: Time management and organisation. I also learnt that I am a massive nerd, but a creative one!

Q: Where do you sell your diaries?

A: Currently I am selling them through www.anorganisedlife.com but you never know where they might pop up in the future.

Q: Where to from here?

A: Hopefully if all goes well it will lead into a Twenty Fifteen organiser with stockists in New Zealand and Australia. I would also love to introduce more into the range, including cards and other goodies.

Words by Natalie Claire King.

Image Credits. Images 1, 7 & 8: Photography by Nicole Cooper. Images 3, 9, 10, 11: Launch of Twenty Fourteen An Organised Life diary, photography by Jason Domancie. Images 2, 4, 5, & 6: An Organised Life blog.

Fawn Magazine - Beck Wadworth: An Organised Life
Fawn Magazine - Beck Wadworth: An Organised Life
Fawn Magazine - Beck Wadworth: An Organised Life

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