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Calling all artists! It’s that time of the year again when art is given the spotlight it so deserves. In saying this though, remember that art is something, I believe, should be celebrated every single day.

Art Month is held in Sydney in the month of March every year. It exists to re-emphasise the significance and the variety of contemporary art in the state. During this month, multiple galleries open their doors, inviting both locals and tourists to step in and absorb the different forms of contemporary art.

Locations of galleries go beyond the CBD into the Eastern and Western suburbs.  Visitors have the chance to ‘‘see, hear, explore, play, collect during Art Month. There are over 200 exhibitions and events for everyone to take part of, and learn and absorb contemporary art. Talks by different people will also take place. This group consists of artists from different walks of life – from the unknown to the already established.

Art Month is also a great way to spend time with those you love, or even someone you’re obligated to play tour guide for! Why not gather up your family and friends, grab a bike and join one of the art galleries tours via cycling? Definitely not a bad way to get a little bit fitter and learn about contemporary art.

Visitors have the chance to take part in their own right during Art Month. There are events during which children are invited to let out their inner artists, budding photographers to take part in free workshops, and jewellery designers to convince the galleries’ directors to wear, ahem, promote their jewellery during the month of March.

Of course, Art Month wouldn’t be complete if visitors didn’t get to take home a little tidbit. Everyone has the opportunity to purchase some art to their hearts’ desire. A first time art buyer? No stress, professionals can help and guide you on how to buy your first art.

Get a group going this March and take part in Art Month in Sydney.

Remember – ‘‘Earth without ‘art’ is just…eh”

For more information, visit: www.artmonthsydney.com.au

Words by Angela Palo.

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