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A bookbinder, printmaker, illustrator and jewellery designer Abby Seymour established her self-titled label in 2012, fusing her artistic skills to produce stylish, handmade jewellery.

After working with a friend on Golden Ink Collaborative, Seymour wanted to continue creating artistic jewellery and made the decision to launch her own label.

“I really liked transforming my illustrations and techniques into wearable art. It was nice to be able to actually make a label and sell work that was still artistic and creative.”

Through techniques like paper cutting, lino printing and hand engraving Seymour’s sketches are brought to life and transformed into beautiful, bespoke accessories. Describing the label’s style as “aztecy” and “tactile” she says her designs posses a “hidden gem” feel incorporating arresting detailing – focusing on the entire design, back and front.

Seymour prefers to follow her imagination when putting pen to page, letting each design flow naturally.

“A lot of the pieces I have made have come about from experimentations and then actually finding a really beautiful outcome from something that has just been a bit more of a fluid process.”

Using locally sourced rope, porcelain, silver and brass Seymour endeavors to create high quality pieces that are, most importantly, ethically sustainable.

“I definitely wanted to go into this creating the highest possible quality works using high quality materials, locally sourced and also bearing in mind that I wanted it to be more sustainable.”

“The porcelain I use is a Victorian porcelain. I try and be very mindful of where I get the silver and brass from and I use a bit of aluminum. I can track down where those materials come from so they are high quality as well as being ethically sourced.”

Seymour says the best thing a new designer can do is, stay true to yourself,” then adding with a giggle, “that sounds a bit corny!” But it’s clearly the way to success as Seymour’s drive and belief in her designs has quickly landed her a long list of Australian stockists.

When this hardworking lass isn’t planning world domination she can be found teaching Drawing and Illustration Techniques at RMIT as a part of the Graphic Design program.

“It’s really fantastic to be able to communicate with other people and to pass down some of your learnt experiences and techniques.”

Seymour also has a few private classes lined up for the year so keep your ears pricked, dates will soon be announced.

To see Abby Seymour’s stunning collections go to www.abbyseymour.com

Words by Natalie Claire King.

Image Credits. 1: Abby Seymour in her Melbourne studio, 2: Works in progress, 3-11: Abby Seymour jewellery and art.

Abby Seymour works in progressAbby Seymour jewelleryAbby Seymour ceramicsAbby Seymour jewelleryAbby Seymour jewelleryAbby Seymour jewelleryAbby Seymour jewelleryAbby Seymour jewelleryAbby Seymour jewelleryAbby Seymour prints

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