10 Travel Tips when planning a trip to Mekong Delta for Women

As the year takes its toll, leisure lovers may be making their trip plans. Though the trips coincide significantly with the festive season, some areas are worth paying a visit anytime. For its richness, a visit to the Mekong this season could serve as a great pacification to the thirst for nature.

The beautiful scenery, the rich historical past and a good word from a friend are some of the key attractions to this area. These alone may not be enough, making some travel plans is advised.

10 Travel Tips when planning a trip to Mekong Delta
10 Travel Tips when planning a trip to Mekong Delta

10 Travel Tips when planning a trip to Mekong Delta

Here, we seek to unravel some of the few tips that can contribute to making your trip in Vietnam and Mekong in particular interesting. Let’s sample some ten tips to go in Mekong delta that you need to have in mind.

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1. Learn little of the local language-Vietnamese

Because Vietnamese is the official language, learning a bit of it in advance will make your tour of this area rather enjoyable. The challenge you may find is communicating with the local friendly population who have only Vietnamese as a language.

Some of the phrases that may be necessary include thank you (Cảm on) hello (Xin chào), excuse me (Xin lỗi.)  And my bills please (Tinh time). Planning to attend a few language lessons may make your visit easy in these village areas of Vietnam.

2. Arrange to exchange your currency in advance

The Vietnamese currency is the only accepted currency in the delta. However cheap it may seem, getting vendors who may transfer the money in the delta could prove to be a tall order, you may have to exchange as you arrive.

Looking for a bureau at the airport may help save you from the agony of lacking money while in Vietnam. Bear in mind that the Vietnamese Dong against the dollar rate is low and there is a likelihood of ending up with millions of Dong in your custody.

The best place to exchange money at favorable rates is also at the various jewelry stores that dot the major towns and the exchange booths at entry in Hanoi.   There is no need for worry if you have a VISA branded card as most of the banks in Vietnam and Mekong Delta accept visa.

3. Consider the timing

Traveling to the Mekong if you are a long distance visitor needs to take into consideration many factors. For instance, you need to learn the seasonal variations, the geography of Mekong and understand when it is conducive.

Though many of the travel companies plan their tours in the late and early periods of the year, visiting the Mekong is anytime. Vietnam has a lot of rain and carrying an excellent package of cold weather clothing may help a lot.

While that may be so, there are specific times when the life in Vietnam may be bustling and halting.  Visiting during the Tet holidays may not give you the level of excitement with closed shops and quietness donning the streets.

You may love the excitement during the Reunification Day, or the Fall of Saigon festivities that cut across the country. But in most instances, April could prove to be the ideal timing of your visit as it has the liveliness you need in your stay in the island.

4. Prepare your visa in advance

Though Vietnam provides free Visa incentives to most visitors from Europe, Scandinavia and East Asia the others are subjected to visa rules. The process of securing a free 15-day Vietnamese Visa to the European and Asian is as simple as it is online, printed and only the $10 stamping fee paid to the relevant body.

The other visitors need to pay $45 for a 30- single day entry visa. It is advisable that if you are planning to visit on and off, you may need to apply for a three months visa to mitigate from being barred entry after the initial 30 days.

5. Take a little caution with your safety

Vietnamese are friendly, and the level of security visitors receive based on the high regard they have for tourists. Visiting the Mekong Delta and its environs may not pose a lot of security threat as only petty theft cases are common.

However, visitors must take precaution and keep their valuables safe. Learning the manner of crossing roads in Vietnam may also work best as the towns and villages are abuzz with traffic.

6. Pay for what you use

Vietnamese in essence love hard work, education and are friendly in every sense. You may need to just pay for what you use along the various points of visits. Unlike in other areas, you may be surprised that your stay to the Mekong Delta will not cost more than what you have used for yourself.

7. Plan your mode of transport

Though your initial plan to use airline may work, on arrival, you will have to make do with various choices depending on where you want to visit. For instance, different airline carriers on the various towns and cities will be useful.

However, in Mekong Delta, the most dominant transport method is the different traditional boats. A bike ride on the classic Xe Om motorbikes or a trip on a horse-drawn cart may also add some excitement.

8. Worry less about Wi-fi connection; it is pretty fast

Talking of one of the places in the world with fast Wi-fi connection, Vietnam tops the list. Your visit in the Mekong will be hassle fee regarding connecting with friends online. You can spend as little as $20 on the internet for the whole month.

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9. Get to learn the rich Vietnamese cuisine

The fact that the majority of the islands in the Mekong are traditionally oriented makes it a reality that you will have the local cuisine. Even the hotels serve the local dishes cooked with the skills from ages back.

There is good news, the traditional dishes taste amazing! The spicy flavor adds life to the palates of the consumers. However, the sugary coats on some of the foods may also call for caution if you are not a fan.

Go down the local restaurant and get your bowl of pho for breakfast.  Maybe at lunch time, order for the bún chả, which comprise pork with noodles as components. If you are looking for adventure, try Banh Mi, the most popular Vietnamese sandwich.

10. Spoil yourself with shopping; you’ve earned it

For shoppers, Vietnam and its cities are ideal spots for shopping. On the other hand, the various shops in countryside specialize in custom made clothes that visitors may utilize. In summary, the country has all you may need. It’s for you to sample what you want.

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